Real-World Resources

Advisor Group, and our member broker-dealers, are advisor-centric. We have invested millions of dollars to develop the systems, technologies, support staff, compensation packages, and top-level leadership to ensure that you can excel.

Beyond outstanding service, we offer additional benefits designed to make Advisor Group an ideal solution for your business. These include:

  • A highly competitive payout structure, including a no-obligation opportunity to see how your present compensation schedule compares with ours
  • Unique programs designed to reward and recognize your achievements and expand your networking opportunities at all levels of the business
  • Dual clearing through established relationships with both Pershing and NFS
  • Sales and marketing support to help you expand your business with existing clients and prospect for new ones
  • Opportunities to capitalize on our size and position in the industry by receiving discounts on top tools and business resources
  • Access to thought leaders, world-class speakers, industry experts and groundbreaking education and training
  • A field representative that is dedicated to your broker-dealer relationship
  • A serious commitment to continuing education through an ongoing series of webinars, workshops and seminars that are tailored to your interests

Direct Access

We are confident that the advisors we serve enjoy the best of both worlds—big-firm resources with small-firm attention. That’s because Advisor Group is one of the largest truly independent broker-dealer networks in the industry. Every member of our senior management team has decades of experience in the industry and promotes an open door policy.

For us “open door policy” is more than a casual expression—it’s at the heart of who we are. Our advisors have direct access to the presidents of our firms and an absolute guarantee that they will be heard. We have several advisory boards that also keep us well connected to our advisors. Some of our most significant advances each year come from listening carefully to our advisors and taking action as a result.

Our strengths, combined with the collective strengths of our advisors, provide powerful momentum to meet the next generation of our industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Advisor-Friendly Solutions

Advisor Group takes its responsibility and commitment to advisors quite seriously. We leave no doubt about the resources and services you’ll receive from us. To that end, in addition to competitive payouts, our broker-dealers offer a full range of support and solutions.

Because your workday doesn’t necessarily end when the sun goes down, we offer extended hours with live and experienced telephone customer service. You can operate with the confidence that we will respond quickly and appropriately to your needs. When we don’t have the answers at our fingertips, we will immediately mobilize to find what you are looking for.

Support Designed for You

Given our commitment to customized support, we don’t want to speak in generalities about our services and support. So, let’s spell them out here. Among other more specific resources, you can expect:

  • A liberating “open architecture” approach that maximizes your flexibility and supports the way you want to do business
  • Coaching programs designed for immediate impact; giving you the tools designed to significantly grow your business
  • Advanced technology solutions that simplify the “business side” and strengthen the “client side”
  • A commitment to “paperless offices” that streamline work flow
  • Specialized business conferences to advance your knowledge and create supportive networks among advisors
  • Customizable, client-approved advertising and marketing materials
  • A relevant and robust library of financial services content that is updated daily
  • Case-specific consultation to locate and present optimal investments for any client and any situation
  • An Online Registration Center to help on-board new advisors easily and efficiently
  • Leveraged buying power on software and services with pre-arranged discounts
  • A focus on “your voice” through advisor-led committees that offer early input on important issues
  • ConnectED: perhaps the industry’s most impressive national educational conference, held annually with an invitation to all of our affiliated advisors
  • Successful planning
  • National Sales Team
  • Women Forward

An Industry Force

Our broker-dealers enjoy the strength and power of sophisticated centralized systems and significant resources. The collective strength of 5,000 experienced and knowledgeable financial advisors, is focused on supporting the goals of hard-working Americans as they work to build meaningful lives and successful futures.

But we are also respectful of the individual and unique voices of the broker-dealers within our family. We fully embrace their cultures and encourage them to express the distinct natures that have made them so successful for decades. Because of this approach, you can be assured that one of our firms will be an ideal fit for your passion, personality and business perspective.

Big Firm, Small Feel

The advisors we serve enjoy the best of both worlds—big-firm resources with a small-firm feel. We have the bandwidth to provide top-tier support through our liberating open architecture approach. We offer the customized service that allows advisors to run their businesses in a way they are most comfortable.

With flexible technology, seasoned support, and superior service, we have both the forward-thinkers and backing to help advisors face the challenges and opportunities of a new era.

Strength & Stability

Advisor Group, with $175 billion in total client assets as of March 31, 2017, boasts an impressive advisor retention rate of more than 95%, with an average advisor tenure of more than 10 years.

As dedicated financial advisors, a family of broker-dealers, and a combined financial services force, Advisor Group is pleased and proud to play a leading role in both the industry and in American life. We invite you to join our team and enjoy the security, strength and confidence of aligning with a leader for the rest of your career.

Seamless Transition

When you’ve made the decision to join one of the Advisor Group broker-dealers, we will do everything possible to ensure a seamless transition. Throughout the years, we’ve helped thousands of advisors like you successfully make a change and, although it requires careful attention, it is easily accomplished.

To begin with, you’ll have the services of a team of transition professionals, including a dedicated transition liaison. These experts will thoroughly plan your transition process according to your unique requirements and will follow it through with you every step of the way.

Simplified Process

Advisor Group has even simplified the process for pre-hire review and affiliation by allowing you to complete the majority of your paperwork online, saving you time, and sparing you frustration.

Through our Online Registration Center, incoming advisors create a personalized profile and complete the necessary forms on their own schedule—because it’s easy to save progress and return at any time. Instant feedback is available throughout the process to ensure that you have our full support.

Four Easy Steps

Through our exclusive approach to onboarding, the experience is neither daunting nor time-consuming. In four clear steps, you can easily transition your practice into one of the Advisor Group broker-dealers. In short, the process is as easy as this:

Step 1: Talk After some introductory conversations, we will start gathering information to make for a smooth transition. We will get to know your business, and through our online pre-registration forms, will determine how best to transition your business.

Step 2: Track Together we will create a customized game plan for your transition, give you a link for forms and registration, and provide you with dedicated assistance.

Step 3: Transition Our transition team will help move your book of business while providing training on key website tools and systems. Based on your GDC level, a liaison will also simultaneously submit your advertising pieces for initial review and input.

Step 4: Takeoff! In the final stage, our transition team reviews any outstanding issues and accounts not yet transferred. You will then be introduced to our service group which will be available for ongoing support and assistance.


Feel Free to Express Yourself

Making a move is a big change. By providing us with a little information about you and your background, we can propose solutions customized for your situation. Please complete and submit the form below and we will be in touch very soon.

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