Spotlight on Success


Fascinated when she took Finance 301 at the University of Colorado, Judy prepared for a career as a financial advisor. Unfortunately in the late seventies, there were few opportunities for women in the field. It was a man’s world. Undeterred, she took a position as an equity block trader in a regional firm and began to earn her spurs. But although a decade of hard work and late hours paid off, eventually she grew tired of the wirehouse environment.

During the last bear market Judy realized that more control over what could be offered to clients was needed. Through the years, leaps in technology had leveled the playing field among all financial services firms and she felt that her voice would be better heard in a smaller firm that was dedicated to servicing clients. Soon after being introduced to Plaza Advisory Group in St. Louis, she found a good fit with Royal Alliance and Advisor Group. Judy adds, “I’ve never for a moment regretted it.”

The Importance of Values

After Judy suffered through a painful divorce and was left to raise three small children alone, she realized there were few advisors with the skills to help women regain their balance after divorce. Having lived it herself, she found she could empathize and offer solutions during the entire process: managing cash flow, finding strategies for working with ex-husbands, getting used to being financially independent, and creating long term income solutions. Her practice grew quickly.

Now with the help of a handpicked team, she concentrates on helping people work through some of life’s more challenging transitions such as divorce, widowhood and retirement. “I like to think I help guide them through these changes toward peacefulness, security and confidence,” she explains.

In Her Own Words

“When my mother died too young, I had to grow up fast. But through the pain, I was blessed in a special way—my father was my role model and he pushed me to make the most of every minute of every single day. He showed me how to live life to the fullest while remaining appreciative of the important things in life. As the best natural planner I’ve ever known, I continue to use his example for both myself and my clients. Now all of these experiences are woven into every decision I make in my work and life.

In a similar way, Advisor Group has helped my business flourish. They understand that there are many ways to build a practice and a life and they want to support my direction. Royal Alliance found me a mentor early on and now I serve as a mentor to others. I also feel they are also responsible and prudent with the fees I pay. The Wealth Management Platform is especially valuable and the basis for most of my fee-based business. The operations group is responsive and thorough, and I can’t say enough good things about the transition team. This a wonderful broker-dealer in every way.”

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