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ADVISOR PROFILE: Neelam Krishnaney Davison

Karma: the Sanskrit word meaning action, work or deed, or — in popular parlance — “what goes around comes around.” Neelam Krishnaney Davison embraces the true meaning of Karma and has incorporated it in her day-to-day practice. Her growth strategy is simple: “Work smart, stay focused, and find what you do best. With good health, peace, contentment and wishing well for others — comes happiness and success.”

A Path Well Traveled

Neelam didn’t plan on becoming a financial advisor, but considers her career the next chapter in her life, arrived at after “a wonderful journey with challenges and opportunities.” Born and raised in India, Neelam and her family moved to the United States when she was a young adult. Her parents were both spiritual and driven, two qualities that greatly influenced her future choices.

Neelam completed law school in Chicago, and practiced law in Wisconsin until 2000. While practicing law, Neelam often addressed various financial issues, working with many estate planning and family law (divorce and custody) clients. Understanding risks and helping clients manage risks — along with a passion for wanting to help clients — is a valuable combination for a financial advisor to possess. Neelam soon recognized a growing need for financial advice among her clients, and she transitioned

to finance in 2000. Now 15 years into her advisory career, the last six with Woodbury Financial Services, Neelam has a flourishing practice in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Clients First

Neelam believes educating clients is the key. Stepping out of her comfort zone, and taking a leap of faith, she started holding local Retirement Planning Workshops for adult continuing education. While still very green, she invested a substantial amount of time and money to start-up the workshops. While she faced challenges along the way, she persevered, and the one client Neelam secured from her first meeting remains one of her best clients today.

Her client base ranges in age from their 30s through their 80s. While their needs and objectives may vary, Neelam remarked that her clients are all serious about their planning, and all willing to adhere to her advice. Through her experience as an attorney, Neelam was perfectly positioned to advise her clients in a holistic fashion — looking at not only their investments, but also looking at managing their other risks, such as health, long-term-care, estate planning and family issues.

Neelam’s typical client has assets of about $500,000, and her assets under management total over $50 million. Neelam shared some secrets of her success: “Have a mentor; join a Study Group, where you are encouraged and inspired to do a better job for clients; stay ethical; and don’t take short cuts. Grow your business in a spiritual and a holistic way.”

Keys to Success

Neelam feels fortunate to have the services and support of Woodbury Financial behind her, and credits the employees in Woodbury’s back office for their valuable assistance with day-to-day help. “The home office team allows me to do what I have a passion for and what I do best — help my clients,” said Neelam. She also has high praise for Regional Vice Presidents, Joe Nienhaus and Theresa Anderson, saying that the team helped inspire her to grow her business and to continue her journey in financial planning. “There are always challenges,” remarked Neelam, “but one has to get past them and stay focused on the positive things in life.”

Neelam’s motto is “Stay focused on the positive. Never give up. Keep learning. Do your best, and above all — stay in your spiritual zone.” And, she added, “Good Karma always helps — even if you may not see it at the time.”

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