FSC Securities

With an average advisor tenure of 11 years, FSC Securities has been serving advisors nationwide for nearly 60 years.

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Whether you’re a wirehouse veteran ready to take more control, an independent advisor looking for greater service and support, or a commissioned advisor interested in transitioning to a fee-based business model, FSC offers you the freedom to run your practice as you see fit.

Culture of Collaboration We believe that the most effective way to help you reach your business goals is to foster an open culture in which your perspective truly matters. Our advisors’ concerns and ideas play a pivotal role in shaping our direction.

Affiliation Options You can define exactly what independence means to you. As an independent advisor you can receive the level of service and support you require, regardless of how you choose to affiliate.

Technology Solutions Our pro-business approach to technology has resulted in leading-edge, robust, adaptable and flexible solutions that streamline account management activities and get you where you need to be quickly and efficiently.

Open Architecture For us, open architecture is more than a platform—it’s a philosophy. It means you retain access to the systems you prefer and can be confident that they will integrate seamlessly into ours.

Fee-Based Services FSC’s next-generation advisory solution, our Wealth Management platform, delivers integrated research, investment products and the business tools you need to build and manage a fee-based business.

Building Your Office When your plans for growth include adding advisors to your office, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen. Our professional recruitment managers are hands-on and our web-based resources on your behalf are extensive.

Education & Training FSC offers more than one thousand education and training opportunities every year. That’s a testament to our commitment to help you be ahead of the curve as you build your financial services practice.


Royal Alliance

With an average advisor tenure of 10.4 years, Royal Alliance has been serving advisors nationwide for nearly 50 years.

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For nearly half a century, Royal Alliance has been home to, and an empowering force for, top-producing advisors who are intensely motivated and fiercely independent. We offer a unique culture that is defined by relationships based on mutual trust, loyalty and integrity and we provide the resources that can help generate success.

Genuine Autonomy Royal Alliance delivers authentic independence by creating an environment that is carefully crafted to be flexible enough to address your needs and  powerful enough to take you to the next level of success in your practice.

OSJ Office Support We are proud of our role as industry leaders in supporting high-producing offices and hard-working advisors who have chosen to embrace a collaborative approach to doing business.

Adaptable Technologies We design and deliver technology solutions based on the valued input of the advisors we serve. This collaboration ensures that our systems provide streamlined efficiencies for all your advisors’ practices.

Open Architecture When it comes to our practice, flexibility is one of our cornerstones. We are a broker-dealer that is driven to conform to your vision, rather than making you adapt to ours. Our goal is to enhance and expand everything you bring to the table.

Compensation & Rewards With one of the highest payouts in the industry, we back up our commitment to hard-working advisors through our compensation packages, as well as special recognition, benefits, rewards and exclusive events at premier destinations. We take care of our advisors.

Diverse Product Options We know that you work hard to ensure that your clients can reach their financial goals. That’s why we provide thousands of investment options from premier firms, along with world-class research and access to elite sponsor support.


SagePoint Financial

With an average advisor tenure of 12 years, SagePoint Financial has been serving advisors nationwide for 45 years.

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SagePoint has raised the bar when it comes to what you should expect from your broker-dealer. We do this by anticipating your unique needs and responding quickly. And we offer adaptable solutions that easily conform to the vision you have for your practice so that you are truly in charge.

Collaborative Approach We’ve transformed the way we lead…into the way we listen. We view advisors as colleagues and we are constantly evolving so that as their world changes, so does ours.

Time-Saving Technology We deliver powerful, flexible resources that address your every need, including offering an advisory platform that allows you to select your ideal solution. This, in turn, improves efficiencies across the board.

Business Development We have regional representatives in place to help you grow over time to create  a solid, transferable practice.

Affiliation Models We offer a wide range of affiliation options to ensure that you are reaching your goals according to your own plan.

Common-Sense Compliance Our commitment extends beyond routine supervisory duties and branch exams to include a full suite of resources that enables you to rely on our expert team for much of your compliance and regulatory needs.

Office Automation Suite One of the great strengths of SagePoint is our Office Automation Suite that allows you and your staff to effortlessly streamline your office functions to become more efficient and profitable.

Succession Planning Working with our expert succession and continuity planning consultants, you can create a plan that will ensure you are able to protect and benefit from the business into which you invested so many years.

Woodbury Financial

With an average advisor tenure of 9 years, Woodbury Financial has been serving advisors nationwide for nearly 50 years.

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First and foremost, Woodbury Financial Services is focused on advisors. Our people-first approach grows out of a passion for delivering the most powerful resources and the most advanced technologies so that you can do what you do best: build the savings and retirement funds of American families.

True Independence We pride ourselves on listening closely to our advisors to ensure that we make their definition of independence a reality. This means no sales quotas and the flexibility to access financial products from hundreds of companies.

Regional Sales Support One of our distinct features—and one of which we are most proud—is our support system of Regional Vice Presidents who work closely and intimately with advisors from the time they join us throughout their careers.

Priority Service Our top producers also receive proactive, priority service with access to Elite Producer Support Consultants who deliver countless exclusive benefits, including service case work and research, paperwork assistance, and direct business tracking.

Award-Winning Technology Woodbury advisors have access to our award-winning technology solutions, including the Advisor Portal—a dynamic, integrated online system that is fully customized with your preferences and needs in mind.

Business Development Plot the roadmap of your future by developing a personalized business plan with your Regional VP and then take advantage of premier coaching that is designed to help you double your business.

Complex Case Support Our Advanced Sales Team, consisting of experienced in-house attorneys, is a unique offering within the independent broker-dealer channel. This team will work closely with you on challenging situations and specific investment opportunities.

Seamless Transition Woodbury’s experienced TransitionONE team knows what to do before, during and after the transition to keep your practice on track and immediately profitable, while helping to minimize any downtime or lost compensation.


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