Business Your Way

The bottom line is that we believe you know the best way to manage and grow your business. Just as we embrace the individual voices of our member broker-dealers, so too do we embrace and celebrate your voice. We want you to do business your way.

While many broker-dealers offer narrow definitions of what open architecture means to them, Advisor Group is focused on what it means to you. We understand that you have a vision to take your already successful practice to an even better place.

Flexibility & Customization

To us, open architecture is more than a platform. It’s a philosophy. One that lets you define your vision and then access the real choices that make it a reality. Our open architecture encourages you to:

  • Set up and manage your practice in the way that works best for you
  • Work with the systems you prefer and we’ll look to integrate them into ours
  • Market yourself to your customers and prospects in the way you know has historically produced results
  • Offer more products from more sponsor firms and choose from two custody/clearing options
  • Define a customized succession plan that makes sense today and delivers real benefits for the future

Finding the Perfect Fit

We know that what works for one advisor might not be a good fit for another. It’s the reason our advisors appreciate our steadfast commitment to an open architecture platform. And it informs every decision we make. For years, broker-dealers have been forcing their advisors into their mold. Making them change their own proven approaches and systems to conform to corporate structures that are set in cement but possibly no longer effective. You deserve better than that and we’re here to deliver it to you.

Investment Advisory Solutions

There’s no doubt about it—the financial advisor landscape is shifting. Clients are more informed, demand better service, and need more advice than ever before. It’s a new, more connected world and the smart and successful advisor is committed to keeping pace with change.

Our dedicated Investment Advisory Services (IAS) team helps financial advisors develop and grow a fee-based practice that can take their business to the next level. Through state-of-the-art investment solutions, a robust fee-based platform, and superior customer service, the IAS team focuses on your specific needs and expectations so you can do the same for your clients.

Fee-Based Practices Services

Fee-based asset management emphasizes the quality of the relationships you have with your clients. By considering all of your clients’ investment needs, you are able to provide more comprehensive service and support to help them reach their goals. In addition, fee-based asset management enables you to offer a wider selection of products and services that attract clients with more sophisticated needs.

Our Investment Advisory offerings are centered on the VISION2020 Wealth Management® platform (WMP). This web-based, advisory platform features:

  • Model Portfolios constructed by multiple, institutional-grade money managers
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) that address specific investment goals
  • Unified Managed Account (UMA) solution incorporating separately managed accounts, mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Advisor Managed Portfolios (AMP) that allow advisors to customize portfolios to their clients’ objectives and risk tolerance

Click here to access the current list of portfolio strategists available on the platform.

Unique Solutions for Specific Clients

In addition to the WMP, our advisory services offerings include the option to select and manage Third Party Money Managers on behalf of your clients. Each of these programs allows you to provide forward-thinking investment solutions to help you meet the unique needs of specific clients. Instead of commissions, clients are charged an advisory fee that is based on their total client assets.

Click here to access the current list of third-party money managers.

Sophisticated Resources

Advisors are only as good as the tools that are available to them. For that reason we deliver an advanced suite of sophisticated and supercharged products and systems that empower you to work efficiently. What follows is a brief summary of the Advisor Group line-up of offerings, which comes with the unwavering backing of teams of experts that provide superior support on a daily basis. We provide the firepower that allows you to speak loud.

All-in-One Advisor Portal

Our exclusive VISION2020 Advisor Portal integrates all of our online resources into one cohesive environment. This dynamic resource aggregates the information and tools you, as a financial professional, need to provide the highest levels of service to your clients, and maximize your operational efficiency.

  • Personalized dashboard providing “one click” access to your frequently-used resources
  • Suite integrating all client and account management tools in one location
  • Broad palette of information and tools for daily office management needs
  • Robust product suite with everything you need to identify the most suitable products and services to your clients
  • Advisory services area focused on the many fee-based resources our platform offers
  • Collection of programs and services dedicated to business development
  • Online self-service tools ensuring our home office is accountable to your needs

Marketing Support

Advisor Group advisors always have on-demand Internet access to the Forefield Marketing Library which contains a vast collection of marketing content that you may access at any time. These materials can both educate on marketing and business development opportunities as well as provide actual tools that can be customized for your practice.

Right Tools for the Right Task

VISION2020 Advisor Portal also features a dynamic suite of tools that has been designed to accomplish specific tasks. Click to learn more about what’s included in each.

Office Automation Suite Tools

Supervision & Compliance Tools

Client Account & Service Tools

Operations & Business Tools

Product Access

Advisor Group advisors have the flexibility to access financial products from hundreds of companies. This level of independence enables you to provide truly sound advice to your clients with the confidence that you’re presenting the best available solutions for their needs.

Our Investment Products team will also consult with you one-on-one to offer unbiased recommendations and support, while providing strategic insight, positioning and comparisons among the extensive range of products we enable you to offer. Click on the following product categories to learn more about our current approved offerings.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are often the cornerstone for a vast number of Americans who have worked hard throughout their lives and want access to investments designed to meet their evolving needs throughout their lifetimes. For this reason, Advisor Group offers a substantial list of funds designed for every need.

Learn about mutual funds options

Variable Annuities

For the right client in the appropriate stage of life, variable annuities can be an attractive option. Through Advisor Group, you have access to a wide range of variable annuities that are designed to provide solutions for lifetime income. We also provide an Annuity Intelligence tool that can help you compare and contrast the best annuities in the market

Learn about variable annuities options

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments have grown during recent years as changes in the economy have required more specialized solutions. Our list of approved  companies and products allows you to present clients with the alternative investments that can play an important role in a diversified portfolio.

Learn about alternative investments options

Insurance Consulting Services

We work closely with advisors to help them make sound decisions regarding the use of insurance products and solutions. Through our Insurance Consulting Services, we have the resources, programs, and tools to support all of your Insurance planning needs. We provide:

Point of Sale Support

Advisor Group leverages a team of experienced Regional Life Specialists, who are ready to assist advisors in evaluating their clients’ life insurance needs. These specialists help identify clients with life insurance needs, explain strategies, and help grow an advisor’s life insurance business. As a value-added resource, specialists will be involved as much or as little as you deem appropriate.

VIP Program

Our top insurance advisors are included in our VIP Program as either Premier or Select members. Benefits of membership include the ability to qualify for an incentive trip and exclusive access to advanced insurance education and training.

Expanded Choice

We have designated several insurance companies as focus carriers and certain Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs) as preferred distributors. Doing business with these organizations gives you a variety of options, while allowing you to place your business through the broker-dealer. Our open architecture model, of course, also allows you to place your insurance business away from the firm.

Term Intelligence

Access our Electronic Multi-Carrier Submissions system directly through the Advisor Portal to manage term life business efficiently.

Learn about insurance services options

Retirement Plan Consulting Services (RPCS)

Trillions of dollars are in play in the retirement plans marketplace. RPCS can help you capture your share. Part of Advisor Group’s dynamic new sales organization, RPCS provides the focused support and concrete tools you need to thrive in the retirement plans marketplace.

Consulting Desk

From regulations to legislation, our experts assess the impact on your practice and deliver easy-to-interpret updates via our Advanced Sales Desk—helping you capitalize on information so you can deliver value to your clients.

Proactive sales support and expert advice… Don’t go it alone trying to navigate the evolving investment landscape. Guidance that’s not one-size-fits-all, but is just a phone call away. Our advisors have complete access to our Advanced Planning and Plan Design Support capabilities.

The Right Tools in the Right Hands

There’s a lot of competition out there in the retirement plans marketplace, so differentiation is critical. Deploying our state-of-the-art fee benchmarking, RFP comparison, investment analytics, and compliance tools will give you the edge you need to break away from the pack. You bring the expertise. We’ll supply the nuts and bolts.

Qualified Plans Sales Institutes (QPSI)

A One Day Seminar. A Career-Changing Curriculum.

Each QPSI will deliver actionable recommendations focused on business strategy, sales, client retention, branding, and advisor training. From Best Practices to the Competitive Landscape, these productive meetings are designed to provide the retirement plan practitioner with a wealth of information that can transform their businesses.

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