Women Forward

Women Forward is Advisor Group’s women’s initiative to attract, develop and nurture women financial advisors through programs that are innovative and actionable.

Areas of Focus

Mentorship Program: The Women Forward Mentorship Program is designed to tap the knowledge and expertise of our network’s top-producing male and female advisors as they provide real world guidance and share their expertise with female advisors. Central to this flagship program’s success is its focus on collaboration, education, and networking.


Networking: Through our partnership with The W Source, we offer a unique and innovative way for female financial advisors to build a W2W networking group with other trusted female professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, and risk management specialists. To learn more, please visit www.TheWSource.com or contact us at 1-833-W-Source.


Education: The W Pulse is a podcast for women, by women.  It delivers career insights and best practices from advisors and industry leaders, right to your electronic device.

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Women Forward Edge: A quarterly newsletter distributed to all females within Advisor Group that will provide networking opportunities, insights to drive personal growth, and help to build a strong community that supports women.


W Forum

This annual conference offers education and networking opportunities for all women in the Advisor Group network. W Forum features intriguing keynote speakers, advisor-led workshops and an extensive partner exhibit for interacting with industry professionals.


Women’s Advisory Board

The Women Forward initiative is guided by our Women’s Advisory Board. The Board serves a critical role in shaping the Women Forward program by providing Advisor Group’s senior management with practical perspective and ongoing guidance on the organization’s growth strategies related to women, both as investors and as financial advisors.

The Women’s Advisory Board includes two top-producing female financial advisors from each of our firms.


We’ve compiled a library of pre-approved Client Engagement Materials for advisors to take advantage of, as they work with women investors. In addition, we’ve assembled informative resources within our Advisor Materials library that delve into the “what, how and why” of successfully working with women investors. These materials can enhance advisors’ interactions with women investors and help them grow their practices.

For more information about the Women Forward initiative, please contact Erica Hinton at WomenForward@advisorgroup.com which women lead and flourish.

Architects of Change

Women play an increasingly important role in shaping the world we live in. Advisor Group’s senior management, Women Forward board members, advisors and home office staff are committed to bettering the lives of women and girls through financial literacy, mentorship, educational opportunities and philanthropic endeavors.


WHM-WAC-Rice-1No Ordinary Country

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice addresses Advisor Group

This is a complex time in our world, former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice told a standing-room-only crowd at ConnectED’s opening general session. “The international political system seems to be spinning off its axis. The rules of the game have shifted and both powerful, and not so powerful, countries are influencing outcomes. And once again, the United States, the world’s greatest power, must step forward.”

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Powerful and Influential

Compelling Keynote Speakers from Past Women’s Conferences

Lisa Ling: Advisor Group’s 2012 Women’s Conference (W Forum) featured keynote speaker Lisa Ling whose keynote topic was Open Heart, Open Mind.

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WHM-WAC-WFWomen Forward

Focusing on collaboration, education and networking.

Women Forward is Advisor Group’s comprehensive program designed to foster an environment of success for female advisors and to provide a wide-range of guidance to all advisors looking to enhance their relationships with female clients. The tagline “Distinct • Diverse • Dynamic” articulates the core elements of the program.

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Spotlight on Success

Advisor Group provides an environment where entrepreneurial advisors can thrive under visionary leadership and knowledgeable home office personnel. We offer advisors unparalleled support and access to the tools they need to excel in today’s challenging environment.


HOME OFFICE PROFILE: Allison Couch Pratt

Allison Couch Pratt, Executive Vice President, National Sales, Advisor Group, is responsible for the development and implementation of sales and distribution strategies across the firm, as well as strategic partner relationships. She has over 25 years’ experience with independent broker-dealers as a sales and marketing executive.

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Accidents happen. Fortunately, at times there are good accidents. This is how Stacy O’Keeffe, Director Advisor Facing Technology at Advisor Group, began her career. Stacy had intentions of attending law school but during a break to gain real world experience, she landed in a career she enjoyed that morphed into 16 years in the Financial Services Industry.

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ADVISOR PROFILE: Debra Brennan Tagg

When Debra Brennan Tagg is asked what she does for a living, she replies, “I am a steward of my clients’ assets, capital, resources, and goals, and perhaps more importantly, I teach them how to be better stewards of their assets, capital, resources, and goals.” This is an apt description of her philosophy and her practice.

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ADVISOR PROFILE: Neelam Krishnaney Davison

Karma, the San Skrit word meaning action, work or deed, or — in popular parlance — “what goes around comes around.” Neelam Krishnaney- Davison embraces the true meaning of Karma and has incorporated it in her day-to-day practice. Her growth strategy is simple: “Work smart, stay focused, and find what you do best. With good health, peace, contentment and wishing well for others — comes happiness and success.”

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Fascinated when she took Finance 301 at the University of Colorado, Judy prepared for a career as a financial advisor. Unfortunately in the late seventies, there were few opportunities for women in the field. It was a man’s world. Undeterred, she took a position as an equity block trader in a regional firm and began to earn her spurs. But although a decade of hard work and late hours paid off, eventually she grew tired of the wirehouse environment.

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After teaching school for the better part of a decade, Shelli Chase decided she wanted to do more. In fact, that would prove to be the driving theme of her life—the desire to do more. Once she found her calling as a financial advisor, she never looked back.

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The call came in 2008. Miye’s mother had suffered an accident. Her mother who had pushed and inspired her. Her mother who had taught her to embrace their Japanese culture. Her mother who had instilled in her the values that would guide her life. The word came back—trauma to the brain. Life would never be the same.

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Women and Investing

When it comes to managing money, planning for retirement or paying for a major expense, women have a set of unique needs. Advisor Group has developed a library of tools and insights tailored to the economic goals and concerns of women investors.


The World of Women and What Shapes Their Approach for Investing

So how do women investors differ from men? As women increasingly gain power over economic and financial decisions, this has become a strategic question for financial advisors. If you can answer it confidently, you will be better equipped to work with married couples and single women of all ages and life phases. Over time, understanding how women investors differ from men may play a big part in making your practice more successful.

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What Women Want When It Comes to Communication & Investing

In part one of this series, entitled “The World of Women and What Shapes Their Approach for Investing,” we documented some ways that women investors are unique as individuals, within families, and as part of the American workforce. Now let’s turn to practical ideas for building professional relationships with women, starting with suggestions for effective communication.

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The Time Is Now: A Tale of Two Opportunities

Statistically speaking, there are two stories to be told about women, investing, and retirement. Traditionally, women have earned less than men, spent more time out of the workforce, and have had to catch up on their retirement savings. And then there is the new narrative: In 2009, four in 10 working wives earned more than their husbands, today women earn the majority of doctorates and master’s degrees and comprise nearly 60 percent of U.S. college students and, in the majority of U.S. cities, single women ages 22–30 without children have a higher median income than their male peers.

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