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Do Not Sell My Personal Data

Privacy Request

Advisor Group and its affiliates do not sell personal information of its securities, insurance, and/or investment advisory clients to any third parties.

Consumers may make a request on this page regarding the personal data collected and held by Advisor Group, including information submitted or collected through and the websites of each of the wealth management firms and all related applications and other digital properties subject to the Advisor Group Privacy Policy. A request not to engage in the sale of personal data, as defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act, will act to unsubscribe your email address from all Advisor Group email lists and prevent transfer of your data for certain uses by third parties in online marketing.

If you wish to opt out of such transfers, please follow the opt out instructions on this page. This opt out does not apply to data not sold by Advisor Group and you will still receive targeted advertising sold by other sources from which you have not opted out.