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Strong financial planning is behind many of life’s most meaningful moments. As a financial advisor, you play a vital role in helping your clients’ dreams come true. At Advisor Group, we celebrate all the life moments you make possible by your good work.

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Our Mission

To inspire and equip the hero in every financial advisor and acknowledge their profound importance in people's lives.

Our Firms

Each of our firms has a unique culture and a long history of supporting advisors as they serve the financial needs of their clients.

Our Edge

We devote millions to arming our advisors with the technology and resources that keep them ahead of the market.

Connect authentically with every client through MyCMO

The marketing platform that makes it possible to personalize and scale your communications, campaigns, and more.

Find the right partner with MySuccessionPlan

A comprehensive succession planning platform that addresses the biggest challenge in our industry.

Access a wealth of resources with Ops Portal

Your one-stop hub for content, admin, and trending insights.

Simplifying the Account Opening Experience

eQuipt® provides an online paperless account opening process, reducing administrative time for advisors and enhancing a client’s onboarding experience.

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