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A Mentorship Journey: Coming Full Circle

Written by Aiyisha Adams:

I have no doubt that I am where I am today because I’ve had phenomenal mentors and sponsors throughout my career.

And we need more in our industry and at our firms for so many reasons. Mentorship plays a critical role in both attracting and developing talent, especially in underrepresented groups, according to data from Nationwide’s R.I.S.E. Research (Source: Research for Action (2019) “Nationwide Potential Advisors: HBCU Student Perceptions of the Field of Financial Planning and Factors that Influence Student Career Choice”). The study found that mentors are widely believed to be an essential component for professional development, with 85% of black advisors agreeing that their mentor was important to their success.

As an HBCU graduate, I know firsthand how mentorship can aid in accelerating a career. This is why I am excited to serve as an inaugural mentor for The Financial Alliance for Racial Equity (FARE) and support their new HBCU Mentorship Program, launched in February 2023 to align with Black History Month. The program aims to support black students and young professionals with career growth advice and professional development opportunities.