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Advisor Group Expands Services for Advisors

From Financial Advisor:

Advisor Group, one of the nation’s largest broker-dealer networks, has launched several new programs designed to help its advisors develop business and make their enterprises more efficient. The new programs are targeted at both experienced financial advisors and those new to the industry.

The Phoenix-based network made the announcements at its fifth annual Wealth Management Symposium being held today.

One of the new programs, known as “Better Together,” includes a series of six webinars that will offer the resources of the firm’s retirement income planning team and its business coaching and consulting. “Each webinar features different financial advisors explaining their real-world experiences working with the national sales and consulting team and its positive impact on their businesses,” Advisor Group said in a press release.

The second new initiative is “Next Gen,” which “brings experienced financial advisors and Advisor Group leadership together with younger professionals to identify specific strengths to emphasize, areas for further development and opportunities to grow through strategic partnerships and mentorships,” the company said. “Next Gen builds upon the success of the program initially piloted at the Advisor Group subsidiary Securities America.”