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Advisor Group’s MyCMO Gives New Edge to Super-OSJs in Recruiting Wars

From Digital Wealth News:

When Susan Theder of Advisor Group first launched MyCMO in 2017, it was the culmination of a clear vision: Creating a user friendly, integrated platform of digital marketing communications tools for independent financial advisors to adopt for the purposes of winning new clients while engaging with existing relationships.

With the rapid shift to an all-virtual world thanks to the pandemic of the past 15 months now, the platform launch proved to be a prescient move for the Chief Marketing Officer of one of the nation’s largest networks of independent wealth management firms, with over 10,000 financial advisors and roughly $475 billion in client assets.

While MyCMO was a boon to financial advisors—based on a recent Advisor Group press release, platform users generated 50% higher annual revenues relative to non-users during the pandemic—the platform has become an increasingly vital tech-enabled asset for Super-OSJ firms in the ongoing advisor recruiting wars.